Night one

i know it will be impossible to keep this updated. I am pretty sure it will be impossible to keep up with many things. 

Sorry ahead of time. 

Kids getting removed from their families, getting stripped from their siblings regardless of the shit storm they may be living in is a tragedy. 

Tonight we go to bed with heavy hearts. I pray sleep will come but for now we can breathe and let a few tears come. We’ve been holding them back all night. 

Hearing babies cry for their mommy….that shit is hard. So we make pancakes and watch tv way past anyone’s bed time. We watch as they cling to each other terrified of us. We are kind, they can tell but they are so scared. 

Tomorrow the sun will come up and their will be opportunities to make relationships, hell to make more pancakes and try some more. 

For now I pray peace and rest.  And that parents will find support to raise kids in the safest way. And that communities would surround families in the tough times to help them stay together. 

Pray for these babies and their mommy and dada. And for me and meg. 

Thank you everyone. The support is what we needed tonight. 


4 thoughts on “Night one

  1. Awwwwe 😢 tears of empty,scared & sad innocent hearts and tears of thankful, appreciative and greatful Hearts of Yours and Megan’s 💗💗
    I know your hearts will touch many children’s hearts.
    It really is simple: I pray that parents realize the importanc of just reassuring there children that NO MATTER WHAT”you love them”, “none of this is ther fault” and “if they need you, your there”
    They learn only what they see
    I’m very proud oh you and Megan
    Love you noth

  2. Lorraine and Meg:

    Wha an impact you will make for a lifteime. Lovew well and we will be praying for God’s guidance in all the issues. You guys are the best at establishing relationships

    Mike and Jo

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