The Bridal Party

Danielle Davidson – graduate school classmate of Megan and intern of Laraine, a Tim Horton’s t-shirt prompted a great conversation, an impromptu July 4th pool party started a great friendship, we moved into their neighborhood, and became family

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Michael Ferguson – we met Mike shortly after befriending Danielle, and realized that Mike and Megan were Canadian cottage neighbors and quickly became North Augusta neighbors

Alexandra Fraijo – Laraine’s sister, pretty much the destroyer of Laraine’s universe at age 2


Kari Mills – Laraine and Megan’s college teammate, somehow managed to live with Laraine for 2 years without killing each other

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Greg Restivo – Megan’s brother-in-law, bonded over football and music at our first meeting


Amie Restivo – Megan’s sister, we tortured each other until we moved away, and realized we liked each other

Paul Teague – Megan’s brother-in-law, bartender, chef and restaurant owner extraordinaire


Jessie Teague – Megan’s sister, responsible for doing Megan’s hair and make up until Laraine came along

Zephaniah Davidson-Ferguson Our “Flower Princess” – Laraine and Megan’s Goddaughter, basically the most beautiful genius 2 year old we have ever known, pretty sure is smarter than both of us combined

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