About Us


Megan (well over 30), works from home, sends snaps of the dogs all day, Masterchef, super mom


Laraine (still younger than Megan), advocate for anyone who needs a louder voice, jack of all trades (master of none), lover of love, brunch master, mom of some kiddos


Then (2013):

Megan Sarah Paul

Megan Sarah Paul

Hometown: Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Age: 29 –pushing 30 đŸ™‚
Daily Duties: Mental Health Vocational Counselor
Side Hustle: running a household, tiring out the dogs, wrangling tornado Laraine
Hobbies: relaxing, Sudoku, anything outdoorsy, yoga
Dislikes: shopping and brussel sprouts

Laraine Nicole Fraijo

Laraine Nicole Fraijo

Hometown: Covina, CA, USA
Age: 28
Daily Duties: Coloring, Candyland playing, playdough professional (aka child counselor)
Side Hustle: more counseling & teaching
Hobbies: crafting, shopping, drinking wine, yoga, talking
Dislikes: hot weather/cold weather, bugs, snakes, olives, mushrooms, sitting still


2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Laraine and Megan, your website is absolutely beautiful! I can see the joy and love you each have in your heart reflected in your smile.I am so happy for you, so glad you have this opportunity. Congratulations on your marriage! Love from Judi Marsala (Paula’s friend)

  2. Ramiro and I are so happy for you! I have loved my little cousin Meg since the day she was born, and I knew the minute I met Laraine (at Amie’s wedding) that I would be crazy about her too. What a beautiful couple. I can’t wait to attend your wedding!

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