It’s still yesterday


The sun isn’t up yet so this is technically the eve of my birthday (we are using my definition of technically). The kids are still asleep. For 3 more minutes.

I wanted to share that on the eve of my birthday this day sure has some potential. Today (tomorrow) the children have a court hearing. They may be returning home. Last go around we did not have this heads up and therefore struggled with how to share when the children were moved so abruptly.

It will be an interesting day. Before we put the kids to bed we played a round of uno, “hung out” (the 6yr olds newest phrase), and ate dessert. And when I hugged their little necks goodnight I paused and reflected on the gift of Kairos time (Gods time) that I was experiencing.

The chromos time of my life is a shit show. But thank God for the moments that where I am fully present and able to hold as a gift.

We are at “peace” about whatever happens. I want to delete that line but for effect it can stay. There is very little to be at peace about this week (silence fills this space perfectly). But we are mostly neutral.

Love hard, whatcha got while God let’s you have it.

Happy birthday to me and unbirthday to you. I will try to remember to breathe today.


3 thoughts on “It’s still yesterday

  1. I love reading your blogs …it gives me such insight to your life and your feelings….it’s hard being on the outside looking in…so thank you for sharing.

    I agree with you, we got to Love Hard, with what God gives us, for the time he allows us to have it, for no one is promised tomorrow or know what tomorrow brings…

    the children whos lives you touch, are changed forever by your unconditional love, your time and your ability to be there when they need it the most.

    I am extremely proud of what you do for these children…

  2. No matter what happens you are a gift to those kids, a gift to all the people you help, and the most wonderful gift to my sister! Happy birthday and thanks for being born. Peace and good luck

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