We Got Married

We got married…

A few times actually. Well technically the rule is you can only be legally married once (or at least at a time).

Dates (I should remember):
August 7, 2013 Legally married in Toronto (yes that counts in America, too)
November 29, 2013 Wedding Ceremony
June 26, 2015 Our marriage is legally recognized in Georgia where we live

This season of life “Getting Married” was super important (as it is for most people). We had the opportunity to openly share our love with people who love us. We even kissed in front of them. For us, personally the love had been pretty real for such a long time but we were overcome with support and helped us grow even closer. This website was designed as a wedding website….my crazy ideas about that in another post. We can’t just let all that memory fade or get deleted, its part of the story. So all of those pages (the hundreds, ok 2) will live here; just in case anyone wants to hear all the lovey dove, starry-eyed stuff.