Instant Parenthood

So this is really happening. 
We are about to be instant parents of multiples. 
This woman at the daycare just referred to me as mom and I almost burst into tears. I really need to take a second to do a “heartfelt feelings” worksheet about becoming foster parents today but there is no time. I don’t think I will ever have a second to do anything ever again. Meg is at home frantically sorting clothes and cleaning out the “in case” foster room. Because when the call came we couldn’t say no to 3 children. Even though we initially (read sensibly) said 2 is our capacity. Our hearts have too much to give, even if we might be novices. So 3, 3 precious babies that we will attempt to love and provide for until the best scenario is worked out for them. 
As always We pray God bless us so that we might bless others. 
Thanks for all the support so far. We have seen Gods love in so many people. It’s very cool to see Him in such real ways. 
Pray for us. 

Pray for the sweet kids who still need homes. 

And for the parents who want best for their kids and are also heart broken tonight. 

“Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me”  Matt 18:5



3 thoughts on “Instant Parenthood

  1. Oh my goodness girls!! Wow!!! Good luck, get a good night’s sleep, and congratulations! Of course I’ll be praying for you all… ❤️

  2. Best of Luck…..the children will be so Blessed to have you!!! All involved will receive such wonderful Blessings from the experience!

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