Coffee, blah blah, blah, wine

Last week someone shared with me the best description of my days. See below. 

The days go by so fast. 

Most days I remember the coffee. Mostly because the smell wakes me up in the morning. (It’s literally like the folgers commercials.) And I am also so desperate for the caffeine to help me get the day rolling. I appreciate the time around the coffee. Waking up the kids is my job (most days) and I love it! I have fond memories of my Grandma waking me up. Lots of snoozing and lots sweet snuggles (and also some “this is the last time I am coming in here’s”). I am good at mornings. I love waking them up and hopefully being greeted with sweet smiles (not always). I make “special lunches” and we pray for the day and we remind each other to be brave, stand up for others, lead with kindness, include someone who isn’t like you. I love the mornings. I love sipping coffee (my second cup) while driving to work and listening to NPR and putting on my makeup. 

Then my very close next favorite is that glass of wine to toast the day. Now, truth be told it’s not everynight but there is something every night to memorialize that we have made it through another day. But most nights there is wine. I get to pet the pups, sit with Megan and put on my pjs. 

Now. In between all that most days is a circus. A crazy crazy, unpredictable, uncontrollable circus. So, 

Blah, blah, blah…

It’s really the perfect narrative. There are highs and lows. And recently it feels like I am treading water in the middle of the ocean on fire. No bueno. 

I drank my glass with dinner tonight. And then we colored and discussed racism and segregation. We talked about bullies at school and the dreams of little girls being big girl bosses. We talked about the most important part of leadership is thinking of everyone else besides you, first. It was so important. I let them use my best retractable sharpies. We listened to fleetwood mac, and we did not change it to juju on the beat. 

We stayed up past kid bedtime. I let the older one manipulate me into heating up her heating pad for the second time. 

I chose to break some rules and norms because you don’t know how long you will get to love the people in front of you. It might be worth changing up the routine from time to time. 

Also, bad news. It’s Wednesday and we are all out wine. 

With that,

May the peace of God that passes all understanding guard my heart and lead me to tomorrows coffee. Amen. 


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