I am better at “last minute”

A procrastinators famous words. In college I was convinced that if I waited until the night before something was due to do it, I would have no choice but to focus and get it done (thus my absolute best…probs not). In this life that has remained a mantra. 

In contrast, trying to plan ahead and be very rigid about how things will go hasn’t served me either. Most of my disappointment is connected to “plans”.

Authentic, natural occurrences are my cup of tea now. For me that is the middle. That is how play dates, turn to dinners, turn to sleepovers, turn to brunch #ourweekendswithourneighbors 

But then there are big days. Christmas, birthdays…like on the calendar, no denying it. I have some trauma symptoms from last year when I planned an Easter party for the kiddos. Remember our 3 sweet Mexican babies. (Of course you do!) Not a day goes by we don’t think about them. I sent our evites for egg decorating, bought supplies, made party bags. This was a BIG deal for H, M, and K; they were not as trusting or outgoing as L and H are. I am pretty sure it was 2 days before that party that they were moved from our house (sorry, not directly from our house but from school in the middle of the day; without a goodbye…still got some feelings there). 

L turns 7 today. We had  birthday toast

And curly hair and a new skirt. 

We will go to brunch Sunday (reservations made Monday). Wedo brunch most sundays, so this is low risk (except that this brunch is at the St. Regis…nbd princess status). And some casual play at the park with friends. And cupcakes. This baby would eat her weight in cake (after my own heart). 

So we are moving into this Day and the weekend “plans” with apprehension and excitement. And in my last minute style, I still plan to see some mermaid skirts 😜😬

Happy Birthday L, the world is better because you were born. Brilliant, kind, sweet, a lover of playing until the sun goes down, candy until your teeth fall out, and “hanging out”. Bless you all of your days. 

(Note: no identifiable pictures are allowed, this was so blurry already AND that skirt….adorbs)


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