Thumbs up

All the kid things lead to life metaphors. My existential life crisis/break-throughs are totally illustrated by kid day-to-day life. Today I remembered a good one. 

L and H are fabulous playmates. Lucky little sisters, to have each other on this journey. I can relate. Alex and me also wore matching outfits and were rarely lonely. AND sometimes you need some space. 

Take today at the Frog Pond; sister squabble (mild level). L says “H lost my rock and she is mad at me.” She points to H pouting far away. We discussed if it was worth a reconcile or should she take space. L (wise wise wise) said space is a good idea. I encouraged L to practice some friend making with others. There were some cute sisters (albeit) in rainbow suits #adorbs, near by. We practiced how to introduce ourselves and ask to play. 

“I like your rainbow suit, I am L, can I play with you.” 

A few rehearsals and she was ready. Nervous but so brave. I watched from the distance. She did just that. The rainbow suits girls were so friendly, L sat right down. She shot me a behind-the-back thumbs up. I died. 

Actually, I lived. 

Sometimes breaking from the familiar gives space to being brave, to be you and enter a new circle of fun. 

H came along a little while after, she wanted to be part of the new. L, that graceful spirit, welcomed her right on in. 

#pinapplesuits #rainbowsuits #whoistheteachertoday


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