Night time logic

What is it that Eli said tonight? The faster the sugar rush, the harder the crash?? Wise child that Brush boy. 

Today, like most days in this foster parenting world (and/or human-being-ness) has highs and lows. 

One minute we are “shaking it off,” out loud singing, and laughing; the next we are weeping over the purple pajamas. “But I wanted the ooootttthhhheeeerrrr pajamas!” “My mom lets me wear whatever pjs I want” “I haaaatttttttee these pjs” “I missssss my mommmmmmmmmy” 

“Those pjs are in the washer” in my most logical voice. 

Logic clocked out at around 5pm today. It was like its the weekend, deuces. 

I am T I R E D. I have given all damns I have in the artillery this week. And sadly most of those damns were wasted on annoying adults. 

Why the drama? Surely, it’s just tired kids. Well a little extra fun today. Girls missed their fun-exciting field trip to the movies with summer camp to visit mom. Thanks DFCS, great timing (said no one ever, never, ever). 

It’s fun. The honeymoon of new placements ends pretty fast post a visit. No matter how cheery and sing songy we are in the best “pro mom” language we can be, it’s clear we suck. When in fact: we don’t suck. 

All the babies miss their mamas. Duh.  

Here’s the last amount of logic left in me. It doesn’t have to be an us vs. her. We can all be on the side of the children. 

And you know what else? Wine. And chocolate. Wine and chocolate don’t ask questions and they are full of logic.  



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