No Phones at the Table

This is NOT a post about how stressful my job can be. This is NOT a post to attempt to figure out how to be a good employee and a good mom. (However if anyone has that figured out, let me know). This is NOT a post to shame electronics. Lastly, this is not a post to shame anyone (including myself).

In that, a short story. I came home tonight and was finishing up a call as I pulled up. The kids must have smelled my presence a mile away because they were waiting on the porch; wearing a pair of my heels (that is a thing now). Laraine, laraine; such a sweet sound. I motioned to Meg that I needed to finish my call, because what I was dealing with was important and worthy of my attention. She ushered them back into the house and I finished my call. Remember, I am not here to complain about the duties of my job. I really love my job and it feels really good to help families in need.

Fast forward a few minutes, I came in the house and everyone is seated at the table with their meals in front of them. My plate is there too and covered with a pot lid (Thanks Meg). I walked to the bathroom to wash my hands, Meg followed behind to get a 20 second check in. There is nothing like a brief moment with Meg to get my head in the game and focus on where I am in the moment. Its hard to change gears that quickly. I sat down to eat. The kids are very attuned to me and my mood. That’s dangerous by the way, its a lot of pressure to react slowly (cue Jesus). I got a lot of “I love you’s” and M wanted to hold my hand while we were eating. I ate left handed and periodically checked my email (I was waiting for some follow-up). H grabs my other hand and says, “No phones at the table.” Boom. There is the point of this post.

I was reminded by the most charming, sweet 2 year old boy to focus on where I was and be with them. I felt shame and joy. Simultaneously. I felt joy that we had successfully instilled the value of together time in our home. They got it. No phones because what is right in front of me deserves my full attention. Shame because its challenging to get the word of the day from a sweet baby, I should be teaching him. But I am humble enough to be taught. That moment is engraved on my heart. What an important lesson.

Wherever you are, be all there. – Jim Elliot

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