Epiphany Feast Day

Pageant, Baptism, Confirmation, Honoring a 60 year choir member, visit from the bishop and a reception. And lets not forget the breaking of the bread. A very full schedule that left us with full stomachs and full hearts.

Doing it all is my jam.

No, really I want to do everything. Meg can attest to this. I really like to pack an agenda. I think its a nod to my productive nature and my attention deficit. So you can see why tonight rang all the bells for me.

I cannot believe I haven’t shouted from the mountains about our sweet lil church. Its totally the place where God wants us in this season of life (And hopefully for all seasons).

Since we stepped foot in the space we felt comfortable and welcome. Neither of us were raised, nor confirmed as Episcopalian. In fact, in all my spiritual experiences I hadn’t (until moving to Atlanta) ever even been to an Episcopal service. I am not interested in getting to denominational debacle; but I can tell you we have found a home.

Let me get to why this matter with foster kids. I mean, this is the point of my blogs.

Back to tonight. The kids, who have attended all of 5 church services services have to of experienced the same feeling in that place. They love it. K often asks when we are going to church. Benno and Sharon are practically celebrities in our home. K is mesmerized by Benno’s voice and clamors for a Sharon hug. The feeling is mutual on both counts for Meg and me. On Sunday when we heard the announcement about the pageant K talked about it the whole way home. And although I had already thought this could be “fun,” K had decided she would be an angel in the pageant. So we are RSVPed.

We got there (on a school night, routine schmo-tine) and everyone picked a costume. 2 angels, 2 shepherds, and a photographer. I know you are guessing I played photographer, but dare I miss my theatrical debut…heck no. I found the coolest shepherd coat and got an amazing arm workout carrying 1-2 kids through the whole sha-bang.

It was a blessed evening.

I don’t actually know where I am going in this post. Its hard to articulate how I feel at church. But I can say its the place where I feel my heart the heaviest. I don’t think there is a service where I haven’t shed a tear. All for different reasons. Its the feeling of genuine love and support. Its the acceptance and grace (sorry for the goldfish crumbs). Its the humbling experience kneeling with our kids and partaking in communion. Its children’s church (Brennan and Catherine are so so good). Its finding Jesus alive and real in a community, when for so long we have desired for that. Its the people who are in the fight together, desperate to love one another and serve this community. Its not just the heart knowledge or the bibl-ese; but the real talk and application of that talk.

We kept the kids out past there bedtime, we fed them cheesecake and cookies, we risked what could of been a disastrous bedtime. All worth it, best decision ever. Those kids were the cutest angels and shepherd I did ever see.

Thanks be to God.



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