Therapy for Breakfast

  Just a little cognitive triangle this morning. This is a life changing shape. 
With a pop-up (nice way to say last minute) visit with bio mom and dad today at noon announced by the case worker during her first visit last night at 6pm, we’ve had a big need for this. 

Nervous tummies, mixed with happy/excited faces, and some interesting new behaviors filled the rest of the night. Lots of questions and clear anxiousness could be felt. Again, despite what I may think/feel (I need some cognitive triangle work too) we attempted to follow the lead of the kids (mainly the 8 year old). Too be honest it was hard to keep up. We were so excited we could hardly wait and then our stomach hurt and we couldn’t sleep. 

Sigh. The complexity. 

When my head finally hit the pillow last night I said to Meg: I will teach her the cognitive triangle in the morning. 

And I did. Everyone listened. But she (K) attempted to process it intently. I would normally, in my practice have practiced feeling identification and coping with her. But in real time, she really needed to understand she could control her thoughts and practice replacing thoughts that made her feel bad with healthy ones that made her feel better. She kinda got it (like 2 out of 4 attainment rating). We will practice more. In the end I am prayerful that today during her visit she will remember that so many people love her and none of this is her fault. Not really a low bar there. 

The littles demonstrated behaviorally their confused emotions. H (baby boy) hardly slept, needed a lot of soothing. 

So did I. 

I needed this reminder. Thoughts become things, choose the good ones. 


2 thoughts on “Therapy for Breakfast

  1. I cant imagine the mixed emotions and feelings the kids and you two are having to deal with today. Praying for an easy day for all of you….know I love you all. 💖

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